Compost Technology - Purveyors of fine manures

About Us - Our promise to you

Background and Experience

Compost Technology is a family company the founder being Dr T.D. Owen (Derek), an expert in the field of plant nutrition and the chemistry of growing media. His commercial grower composts have been widely used throughout the horticultural industry.
Whilst Dr. Owen formulates, tests and updates products, other family members are involved in the organisational aspects of the business. With over 30 years experience in the industry, and the scientific pedigree of Dr. Owen, we aim to deliver quality products to your doorstep.

Our History

The industry has seen many changes over the years; the thriving UK commercial growing market of the 60's and 70's gradually declined when quality crops from abroad became available at competitive prices. This decline encouraged Dr. Owen to look at other sectors. Thus in 1983 he took over and revitalised a very old, and possibly the original, mail order compost company, “Cutting Composts”. He brought to Cuttings the same criteria that had been essential in the commercial grower market - quality, consistency and value for money.

Our Values

Cutting Composts and Compost Technology do not supply the retail market and are thus not constrained by the economic structure in this market.
We prefer to use the best ingredients and mix them in the most effective way to deliver quality products which actually work.
Thus providing you - the gardener - with products that compliment your time, enthusiasm and hard work.
Furthermore we provide the added convenience of delivery direct to your door.

Market Trends

Meanwhile, in the retail market, the situation has become very competitive. Compost prices in garden centres and DIY stores have plummeted and are possibly sold as ‘loss leaders'. This has inevitably led to a compromise in quality and a reduction in the necessary ingredients required for optimum results.

Compost Technology - Purveyors of fine manures