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Derek Owen's All Purpose compost

All purpose compostDr Derek Owen writes –

One product that gives me particular pride is our All Purpose Compost and I say this because it is the one product in our range that has competition from products in the DIY sheds, and yet – after Traditional Compost – it is our largest seller. Manufacturing for the commercial grower market is a very hard discipline because if every sack you make is not perfect it will stick out like a sore thumb in acres of crops in a giant glasshouse and you could face massive compensation claims. There is no such constraint on the mass produced products you will see being sold cheaply in the sheds, and these are usually built down by the manufacturers to a price the multiples are willing to pay. This is a road we have always been unwilling to travel and we make all our products to the highest and most stringent standards irrespective of raw material costs, and I think it is something that every customer should expect.

Clearly our All Purpose Compost users have decided that when they invest so much time and money in raising plants then it is essential to complete the process by using the finest Composts available and this is why sales of this compost has rocketed in recent years. Use for raising plants from seeds or cuttings and for general potting, and with supplementary feeding for larger plants and shrubs in containers and baskets. A complete growing medium. Use direct from the bag.

Acclaimed by many councils – including two winners of Britain in Bloom - for their brilliant displays in tubs and hanging baskets.
Supplied in extra large 25kG sacks!

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Cutting Compost price list - (25kG sacks)

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1 sack £22.00 10-19 sacks £14.50 each
2 sacks £19.00 each 20-39 sacks £13.00 each
3-5 sacks £17.00 each 40+ sacks £12.00 each
6-9 sacks £15.50 each    

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