Autumn Gold compost

Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

This product is interesting as although it employs the very latest technology many of its ingredients were used by the Victorians and remain redolent of another age. Cutting’s Autumn Gold is a seasonal dressing formulated from composted manures, sugars and a high potash fertilizer. Initially designed to prolong the gardening year by extending the growing season in late Autumn it has also been found useful to protect delicate subjects from Spring frosts. Acts primarily as a mulch but bacterial action promoted by the sugars present gives a temperature lift at root level - while the potash utilizes this to enhance flowering for up to four weeks longer than usual. Similar techniques were used in the great pineapple growing houses of the 19th century. Its slightly acid nature also means it is ideal to use on lime hating subjects such as rhododendrons and azaleas. Use in the same way as Traditional Compost for general manuring, digging in, and Autumn mulching of trees, shrubs and beds as well as top dressing fruit and vegetable plots.
Supplied in extra large 25kG sacks!

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Cutting Compost price list - (25kG sacks)

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1 sack £22.00 10-19 sacks £14.50 each
2 sacks £19.00 each 20-39 sacks £13.00 each
3-5 sacks £17.00 each 40+ sacks £12.00 each
6-9 sacks £15.50 each    

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