Spring Green Compost

Spring Green compost

Spring Green compost

Spring Green Compost was first introduced in our January 1991 brochure.
Like Autumn Gold its formula is based on a Victorian recipe but with modern technical advances. Basically it is a combination of nitrogen fertilizers together with iron all incorporated in a finely milled organic compost base.
Because modern technology enables fertilizers to release according to temperature Spring Green can be applied at any time from January onwards and the nutrients will become available exactly as required i.e. as the soil warms up and plant growth begins.
Primarily it is designed where it is necessary to dramatically increase nitrogen in the soil – particularly in Spring – after the ravages of Winter. it is also a useful product designed for year round use on lawns

All supplied in extra large 25kG sacks!

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Cutting Compost price list - (25kG sacks)

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1 sack £22.00 10-19 sacks £14.50 each
2 sacks £19.00 each 20-39 sacks £13.00 each
3-5 sacks £17.00 each 40+ sacks £12.00 each
6-9 sacks £15.50 each    

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