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Super-Dug Extra

Super Dug ExtraSuper-Dug has been the avid gardeners friend and “ secret ingredient” since 1959. In recent years “Super-Dug” has become “Super-Dug Extra” due to the unique burning process crafting this perfectly balanced manure.
Super-Dug Extra is concentrated organic chicken manure, 100% natural, neutral in pH and perfectly balanced in levels of Potassium , Nitrogen and Phosphorous together with all the essential trace and micro-nutrients necessary for optimum growth and performance.
Suitable for all plant and soil types Super-Dug Extra's numerous benefits include:

All supplied in extra large 75 ltr/25kG sacks!
Let your garden in on the secret…….. Order now!!

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Cutting Compost price list - (25kG sacks)

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1 sack £22.00 10-19 sacks £14.50 each
2 sacks £19.00 each 20-39 sacks £13.00 each
3-5 sacks £17.00 each 40+ sacks £12.00 each
6-9 sacks £15.50 each    

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