Traditional Compost

Traditional compost

Traditional compost

Traditional Compost - Loved and used by gardeners since the 1930's, Traditional is a prize winning organic formula for natural crop nutrition and general soil improvement.

It is a complex mixture of fertilisers, soil improvers, and organic matter, rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash. Made in a unique way from a blend of farm and stable manures. During manufacture these are enriched with further organic fertilizers and soil improving minerals and a small portion of fine dry peat.

All supplied in extra large 25kG sacks!




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Cutting Compost price list - (25kG sacks)

Quantity Price Quantity Price
1 sack £22.00 10-19 sacks £14.50 each
2 sacks £19.00 each 20-39 sacks £13.00 each
3-5 sacks £17.00 each 40+ sacks £12.00 each
6-9 sacks £15.50 each    

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